Square Clamp: Flat Conductor

Kingsmill Square Clamps are designed for a four way connection and are suitable for crossing over tapes, straight through joints or ‘T’ connections to form a continuous network of tapes.

The base has a countersunk hole in the middle for fixing the clamp in place.

Material: Gunmetal / Aluminium.

Tightening Torque: 6Nm.

BS EN 62561-1, Class H

SKU: SQCA Category:
Conductor Size (mm) Conductor Material Weight SKUQuantity
25 x 3Aluminium0.08 SQCA253-KI
25 x 3Copper0.23 SQCC253
25 x 6Copper0.44 SQCC256
31 x 3Copper0.30 SQCC313
40 x 6Copper0.79 SQCC406
50 x 6Copper1.00 SQCC506
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