Slate Hold Fast: Flat Conductor

Kingsmill slate holdfasts are used for the installation of conductor tape above the roof tiles without drilling holes. The aluminium tail slides under the roof tile and is fixed to the wooden beam or tile batten using proprietary galvanised nails, the clip then protrudes from the tile and offers a fixing for the tape.

Material: Polypropylene. Aluminium tape to BS EN 755-5

SKU: SHBNetc Category:
Conductor Size (mm) Conductor Type Colour Weight SKUQuantity
25 x 3BareBrown0.05 SHBN253B
25 x 3BareGrey0.05 SHGY253B
25 x 3PVCBrown0.05 SHBN253P
25 x 3PVCGrey0.05 SHGY253P
25 x 3PVCBlack0.05 SHBL253P
25 x 3PVCStone0.05 SHST253P
25 x 3PVCGreen0.05 SHGN253P
25 x 3PVCWhite0.05 SHWH253P
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