Non-Metallic DC Tape Clips: Flat Conductor

Kingsmill non-metallic DC Tape Clips are available in six colours to match bare and PVC copper and aluminium tapes.

Material: Polypropylene.

SKU: PCBNetc Category:
Conductor Size (mm) Conductor Type Colour Weight SKUQuantity
20 x 3BareBrown0.01 PCBN203B
20 x 3BareGrey0.01 PCGY203B
25 x 3BareBrown0.01 PCBN253B
25 x 3BareGrey0.01 PCGY253B
50 x 6BareBrown0.01 PCBN506B
25 x 3PVCBrown0.01 PCBN253P
25 x 3PVCBlack0.01 PCBL253P
25 x 3PVCGrey0.01 PCGY253P
25 x 3PVCGreen0.01 PCGN253P
25 x 3PVCStone0.01 PCST253P
25 x 3PVCWhite0.01 PCWH253P
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