Earth Points: complete with tail

Body: Gunmetal.
Tail: 6491X Green/Yellow copper cable.

Tightening Torque: 8Nm.

BS EN 50164-1 Class H, BS 7430

Supplied with tail length of 500mm as standard but different length tails can be provided upon request.

SKU: EBP-T Category:
Cover Plate Cover Plate Conductor Range (mm) Weight SKUQuantity
NoN/A0.46 EBP1-T
NoN/A0.63 EBP2-T
NoN/A0.70 EBP4-T
Yes25 x 3 Tape, 70mm² Cable0.75 EBP2P-T
Yes25 x 3 Tape, 50mm² Cable (8mm dia)0.75 EBP2P-08-T
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