Earth Bosses

Earth Bosses for welding to steel vessels, tanks and structures etc.

Comes complete with A2 Stainless Steel dowel, flat washer, spring washer and two nuts.

Connections to be wrapped with Denso tape to stop ingress of moisture.

Earth Boss Material – Mild Steel.

Other Earth Boss sizes, material type, configuration etc. available upon request.

SKU: EBOSS Category:
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Thread size Weight SKUQuantity
2525M80.09 EBOSS2525M08
3030M80.16 EBOSS3030M08
3030M100.18 EBOSS3030M10
3040M80.22 EBOSS3040M08
3040M100.24 EBOSS3040M10
3050M80.27 EBOSS3050M08
3050M100.29 EBOSS3050M10
4030M100.31 EBOSS4030M10
4030M120.34 EBOSS4030M12
4040M100.41 EBOSS4040M10
4040M120.43 EBOSS4040M12
4050M100.51 EBOSS4050M10
4050M120.53 EBOSS4050M12
5030M100.48 EBOSS5030M10
5030M120.50 EBOSS5030M12
5040M100.63 EBOSS5040M10
5040M120.65 EBOSS5040M12
5050M100.77 EBOSS5050M10
5050M120.78 EBOSS5050M12
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