Bi-Metallic Connectors

Kingsmill Bi-Metallic Test Clamps are designed to connect aluminium conductor to copper earth conductor. They are a practical joining method without the need for tinning, riveting or wrapping around the joint. It is recommended that oxide inhibiting compound (UNP20) is used with the bi-metallic range of test clamps.

Material: Stainless steel grade 303 (BM253HS / BM08HS / BM08253SS. Copper / Aluminium fuse welded (BM253FC)

Tightening Torque: 12Nm.

SKU: BM Category:
Conductor Size (mm) Material Weight SKUQuantity
25 x 3Stainless Steel0.18 BM253HS
8 dia. or 50mm²Stainless Steel0.18 BM08HS
25 x 3, 8 (dia), 50mm²Stainless Steel0.18 BM08253SS
25 x 3Copper/Aluminium0.18 BM253FC
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