Bentonite: Moisture Retaining Clay

Bentonite is used as a backfill to reduce soil resistivity. When mixed with water, it swells to several times its dry volume. The moisture content can be retained for a considerable time. Further moisture can be absorbed during rainfall etc. It can be supplied in either powder or granular form.

Dependent on soil conditions, 18 no. 25kg bags creates a volume of 1 cubic metre.


Granular: Granular is the preferred option for filling trenches where the conductor is covered with Bentonite and then water poured over and mixed in the trench.

Powder: Powder is the preferred method for pouring into bore holes to ensure the mixture is of a thin enough consistency to reach the bottom of the bore hole. If diamond drilling is required for deep holes, possible 40m depths and deeper and the Bentonite is to be pumped through the core in to the hole, then powder would be the preferred option.

Material: Sodium carbonate activated calcium Montmorillonite clay. The product is a naturally occurring substance with no known ecological hazards and can be disposed of as non hazardous waste.

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