Kingsmill standard earth bar

Earth Bars

Kingsmill manufacture a range of standard and bespoke Earth Bars.

Our Earth Bars can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Solid Copper Earth Rods

Earth Rods

Kingsmill offer a full range of copper and stainless steel Earth Rods as well as copperbond Earth Rods.

We also supply a comprehensive range of Earth Rod Accessories, including Driving Heads, Studs, Spikes and Coupling Dowels.

Plastic Inspection Pit

Inspection Pits

Kingsmill Inspection Pits are available in concrete, lightweight concrete and plastic variations.

Single Flange Earth Rod Seal

Earth Rod Seals

A waterproof earth electrode Single or Double Flange Earth Rod Seal where internal earths are specified.

Conditioning Agents

Bentonite and Marconite are conditioning agents for reducing resistivity in soil and concrete.

Kingsmill Earthing

Kingsmill Earthing products cover a wide range, including earth bars, earth rods, inspection pits, earth rod seals and conditioning agents.

Standards compliance
Kingsmill Earthing products are designed and manufactured to comply with BS EN 62561-2 and BS 7430 standards, where applicable.

Earthing accessories
A full range of earthing accessories are available that ensures you don’t need to look elsewhere for all the components you require for a complete earthing system.

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