Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd

Leading Earthing and Lightning Protection Manufacturers

We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of earthing materials and lightning protection products for the UK and international markets.

The company aims to provide the highest standards of service and customer care without compromising quality or price. Undeniably, quality assurance is of paramount importance to the company and, to ensure this, all products are designed and manufactured to meet stringent British and international standards – including BS EN 62305, BS EN 50164-1:2008, BS 7430 and UL467.

At Kingsmill, our wealth of knowledge in structural lightning protection, earthing and transient overvoltage protection gives our customers the ability to offer leading edge product development and unparalleled technical support. We are intrinsically sensitive to the needs of its customers and to the requirements of an ever-changing technological world.

Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection products include: Air Terminals, Conductors, Puddle Flanges, Test Clamps, Square Clamps, Fixing Clips and Early Streamer Emission devices.

Kingsmill multi-points
Kingsmill plate type test clamp
Kingsmill copper tape conductor pvc covered


Earthing products include: Conductors, Earth Bars, Earth Bonds and Clamps, Earth Rods Seals, Earthing Plates and Mats and Inspection Pits.

Kingsmill standard earth bar
Kingsmill rod to tape clamp u bolt double plate type
Plastic Inspection Pit

Surge Protection

For information on our current range of Surge Protection products, download our Product Catalogue.

kingsmill industries catalogue

Concrete Products

Kingsmill Concrete Products Ltd manufacture standard and bespoke wet concrete products. CLICK HERE for more information.

kingsmill earthing concrete earth pit

Exothermic Welding

kingsweld exothermic weldingExothermic Welding is a welding process for permanently joining materials (usually copper conductors) using the exothermic reaction between copper oxide and aluminium powder.

CLICK HERE for details of our Kingsweld Exothermic Welding range.

Earth Bars

kingsmill-earth-bars-menu-backgroundKingsmill Earth Bars are manufactured in our dedicated UK factory from raw stock by our skilled staff. This enables us to manufacture and assemble any Earth Bar with consistently high quality control.

Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company – we have achieved the UK governments full ISO 9001:2008 National Accreditation in recognition of the high quality of our management systems and products.

This commitment to quality follows throughout all aspects of the company including manufacture, development and customer support and service. A commitment to excellent customer service is an integral part of the Kingsmill ideology. Part of this involves maintaining excellent stock levels on many of our core product ranges ensuring efficient dispatch schedules.

Bespoke Manufacturing

Here at Kingsmill we do not limit ourselves to just our product catalogue items, we are happy to go that extra mile for our clients, we thrive on solving customer product problems.

In our dedicated workshop, using a combination of high tech machinery, skilled staff, extensive experience and technical expertise we have the ability to engineer or modify product items to your exact specification. From a simple modification to a complete new bespoke item.

We are pleased to say that we have been manufacturing excellence since 1999!